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From January to July 1966, EC played club dates with John Mayall. Clapton's scorching club performances in London during this time quickly established a cult following for the young guitarrist. "Clapton Is God" graffiti began appearing around the city, defining a central tenet of Clapton mythology to this day.

John regularly taped the gigs with his 2-track reel-to-reel, bad sadly these tapes were detroyed in a fire in 1979 at his Laurel Canyon home, only 30 minutes of a show in the Flamingo survived and were later released as an official John Mayall album.

Late July 1966, Eric joined Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce to form Cream. All three rehearsed secretly in Baker's home and at the nearby Scott Hall in London-Willesden. Cream's unofficial debut was Friday, 29 July 1966 at the Twisted Wheel in Manchester, and their official debut Sunday, 31 July 1966 at the 6th National Jazz & Blues Festival, Windsor. From August 1966 through the end of the year, Cream played one-nighter circuit of colleges, ballrooms and R&B clubs. In addition, they did some promotion including several live radio and television sessions. During the television appearances, they mostly mimed to playback.

Tour Details

John Mayall's Blues Breakers - U.K. Club, ballroom and college circuit
Sat01-Jan-1966Flamingo ClubLondon-Soho (England)
Sun16-Jan-1966Bromel Club, Bromley Court HotelLondon-Bromley (England)
Mon17-Jan-1966Star Club, Star HotelLondon-Croydon (England)
Fri04-Feb-1966Links Youth Centre, Maxwell RdBorehamwood, Hertfordshire (England)
Sat05-Feb-1966Central PolytechnicLondon (England)
Sun06-Feb-1966Woolwich R&B Club, Shakespeare HotelLondon (England)
Tue08-Feb-1966Klooks Kleek R&B Club, Railway HotelLondon-West Hampstead (England)
Concert Details 09-Feb-1966Wed09-Feb-1966BBC StudiosLondon (England)
Sat12-Feb-1966Star Club, Star HotelLondon-Croydon (England)
Tue15-Feb-1966Fishmongers ArmsLondon-Wood Green (England)
Fri18-Feb-1966Bluesville Club, The Manor HouseLondon (England)
Sat19-Feb-1966Flamingo ClubLondon-Soho (England)
Sun27-Feb-1966Bromel Club, Bromley Court HotelLondon-Bromley (England)
Fri04-Mar-1966Flamingo ClubLondon-Soho (England)

Jam session with Wilson Pickett
Concert Details 11-Mar-1966Fri11-Mar-1966The Scotch of St. James ClubLondon (England)

Tour Details

John Mayall's Blues Breakers - U.K. Club, ballroom and college circuit (cont.)
Concert Details 14-Mar-1966Mon14-Mar-1966BBC StudiosLondon (England)
Thu17-Mar-1966Flamingo ClubLondon-Soho (England)
Fri18-Mar-1966Ram Jam ClubLondon-Brixton (England)
Fri18-Mar-1966Flamingo ClubLondon-Soho (England)
Sun20-Mar-1966Eel Pie IslandLondon-Twickenham (England)
Sat26-Mar-1966Flamingo ClubLondon-Soho (England)
Wed06-Apr-1966Bluesville Club, The Manor HouseLondon (England)
Mon11-Apr-1966Marquee Club, Wardour StreetLondon-Soho (England)
Fri22-Apr-1966RefectoryLondon-Golders Green (England)
Sun24-Apr-1966Bromel Club, Bromley Court HotelLondon-Bromley (England)
Wed27-Apr-1966Castle ClubLondon-Tooting (England)
Sat30-Apr-1966Flamingo ClubLondon-Soho (England)
Sat07-May-1966Ram Jam ClubLondon-Brixton (England)
Mon09-May-1966Klooks Kleek R&B Club, Railway HotelLondon-West Hampstead (England)
Tue10-May-1966Star Club, Star HotelLondon-Croydon (England)
Sat14-May-1966Tofts ClubFolkestone, Kent (England)
Tue17-May-1966Fishmongers ArmsLondon-Wood Green (England)
Sat21-May-1966Ricky Tick, Thames HotelWindsor, Berkshire (England)
Sun22-May-1966Flamingo ClubLondon-Soho (England)
Fri27-May-1966RefectoryLondon-Golders Green (England)
Mon30-May-1966Marquee Club, Wardour StreetLondon-Soho (England)
Fri03-Jun-1966Cellar ClubLondon-Kingston-upon-Thames (England)
Sun05-Jun-1966Bromel Club, Bromley Court HotelLondon-Bromley (England)
Fri10-Jun-1966Ram Jam ClubLondon-Brixton (England)
Thu16-Jun-1966Marquee Club, Wardour StreetLondon-Soho (England)
Thu23-Jun-1966Fishmongers ArmsLondon-Wood Green (England)
Sat25-Jun-1966Flamingo ClubLondon-Soho (England)
Fri01-Jul-1966Bluesville Club, The Manor HouseLondon (England)
Tue05-Jul-1966Klooks Kleek R&B Club, Railway HotelLondon-West Hampstead (England)
Fri08-Jul-1966Ricky Tick, Corn ExchangeNewbury, Berkshire (England)
Concert Details 14-Jul-1966Thu14-Jul-1966Ricky Tick, Stoke HotelGuildford, Surrey (England)
Concert Details 15-Jul-1966Fri15-Jul-1966Ricky TickLondon-Hounslow (England)

Cream - Unofficial debut concert
Fri29-Jul-1966Twisted WheelManchester (England)

Cream - 6th National Jazz and Blues Festival
Concert Details 31-Jul-1966Sun31-Jul-1966Royal Windsor RacecourseWindsor, Berkshire (England)

Tour Details

Cream - U.K. Club, ballroom and college circuit
Tue02-Aug-1966Klooks Kleek R&B Club, Railway HotelLondon-West Hampstead (England)
Fri05-Aug-1966Cooks Ferry InnLondon-Edmonton (England)
Sat06-Aug-1966Torquay Town HallTorquay, Devon (England)
Tue09-Aug-1966Fishmongers ArmsLondon-Wood Green (England)
Tue16-Aug-1966Marquee Club, Wardour StreetLondon-Soho (England)
Fri19-Aug-1966Cellar ClubLondon-Kingston-upon-Thames (England)
Fri26-Aug-1966Flamingo ClubLondon-Soho (England)
Sat27-Aug-1966Ram Jam ClubLondon-Brixton (England)
Fri02-Sep-1966Bluesville Club, The Manor HouseLondon (England)
Sun04-Sep-1966Ricky Tick, Thames HotelWindsor, Berkshire (England)
Sun11-Sep-1966Skyline BallroomKingston-upon-Hull (England)
Concert Details 15-Sep-1966Thu15-Sep-1966Gaumont CinemaHanley, Staffordshire (England)
Fri16-Sep-1966Hermitage BallroomHitchin, Hertfordshire (England)
Sat17-Sep-1966Town HallGrantham, Lincolnshire (England)
Sun18-Sep-1966Blue Moon ClubLondon-Hayes (England)
Mon19-Sep-1966Woking CinemaWoking, Surrey (England)
Fri23-Sep-1966Ricky Tick, Corn ExchangeNewbury, Berkshire (England)
Mon26-Sep-1966Star Club, Star HotelLondon-Croydon (England)
Tue27-Sep-1966Marquee Club, Wardour StreetLondon-Soho (England)
Fri30-Sep-1966Ricky TickLondon-Hounslow (England)
Concert Details 01-Oct-1966Sat01-Oct-1966Regent PolytechnicLondon (England)
Sat08-Oct-1966Kings CollegeBrighton, East Sussex (England)
Sun09-Oct-1966Birdcage ClubPortsmouth, Hampshire (England)
Tue11-Oct-1966Flamingo ClubLondon-Soho (England)
Wed12-Oct-1966Central PolytechnicLondon (England)
Thu13-Oct-1966McIlroys BallroomSwindon, Wiltshire (England)
Concert Details 21-Oct-1966Fri21-Oct-1966BBC Radio StudiosLondon (England)
Fri21-Oct-1966Bluesville Club, The Manor HouseLondon (England)
Thu03-Nov-1966Ram Jam ClubLondon-Brixton (England)
Concert Details 04-Nov-1966Fri04-Nov-1966BBC Television StudiosLondon-Wembley (England)
Sat05-Nov-1966Town HallLondon-East Ham (England)
Mon07-Nov-1966<unknown>Gosport, Hampshire (England)
Concert Details 08-Nov-1966Tue08-Nov-1966BBC Radio StudiosLondon (England)
Tue08-Nov-1966Marquee Club, Wardour StreetLondon-Soho (England)
Fri11-Nov-1966Public BathsLondon-Sutton (England)
Sat12-Nov-1966Liverpool UniversityLiverpool (England)
Concert Details 13-Nov-1966Sun13-Nov-1966Redcar Jazz Club, Coatham HotelRedcar, Redcar and Cleveland (England)
Concert Details 15-Nov-1966Tue15-Nov-1966Klooks Kleek R&B Club, Railway HotelLondon-West Hampstead (England)
Thu17-Nov-1966BurkesLondon (England)
Fri18-Nov-1966Village HallHoveton, Norfolk (England)
Sat19-Nov-1966Blue Moon ClubCheltenham, Gloucestershire (England)
Concert Details 21-Nov-1966Mon21-Nov-1966BBC Radio StudiosLondon (England)
Mon21-Nov-1966The PavilionBath, Somerset (England)
Tue22-Nov-1966Chinese R&B Jazz Club, Corn ExchangeBristol, Gloucestershire (England)
Fri25-Nov-1966California BallroomDunstable, Bedfordshire (England)
Concert Details 28-Nov-1966Mon28-Nov-1966BBC Radio StudiosLondon (England)
Fri02-Dec-1966Hornsey Art CollegeLondon-Hornsey (England)
Sat03-Dec-1966Birdcage ClubPortsmouth, Hampshire (England)
Sun04-Dec-1966Starlite BallroomLondon-Greenford (England)
Mon05-Dec-1966Baths HallIpswich, Suffolk (England)
Wed07-Dec-1966University of HullKingston-upon-Hull (England)
Concert Details 09-Dec-1966Fri09-Dec-1966BBC Radio StudiosLondon (England)
Fri09-Dec-1966Bluesville Club, The Manor HouseLondon (England)
Sat10-Dec-1966PolytechnicLondon-Isleworth (England)
Mon12-Dec-1966Cooks Ferry InnLondon-Edmonton (England)
Tue13-Dec-1966Exeter UniversityExeter, Devon (England)
Wed14-Dec-1966Bromel Club, Bromley Court HotelLondon-Bromley (England)
Thu15-Dec-1966University of SussexBrighton, East Sussex (England)
16 - 18-Dec-1966TV and radio appearances in France
Sat17-Dec-1966La Locomotive Club, Place BlancheParis (France)
Mon19-Dec-1966Agincourt BallroomCamberley, Surrey (England)
Concert Details 21-Dec-1966Wed21-Dec-1966BBC Radio StudiosLondon (England)
Thu22-Dec-1966The PavilionWorthing, West Sussex (England)
Fri23-Dec-1966OdeonBirmingham (England)
Fri30-Dec-1966RoundhouseLondon-Chalk Farm (England)

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